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Caribbean Congress on Adolescent and Youth Health

15 - 17 Oct, 2019
8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Hyatt Regency Trinidad
#1 Wrightson Road,
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago



Event Summary


A consortium of Caribbean and regional partners is organizing a regional Congress to mobilize greater investment and connect, collaborate and align efforts in the Caribbean for the promotion and protection of the health and well-being of all adolescents and young people. This Congress, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, will be a launch-pad from which advocates, health and social workers, policy-makers, academia, clinicians and young people themselves can heed the call towards improving their health and well-being for the future development of the region.
According to 2015 estimates, there are 10.8 million young people (10-24 years) in the Caribbean, representing 25% of the total population, and 7.2 million adolescents (10-19 years), representing 17% of the total population. Within the Caribbean, we continue to recognize the disparities in the burden of poverty, underemployment and unemployment, secondary school enrolment and completion rates, financial and societal barriers young people face to access health information and quality health services that respond to their needs. Additionally, there are especially vulnerable youth who face additional levels of marginalization, such as adolescents with disabilities, HIV positive youth, migrant and socially-displaced adolescents, and those who identify along the LGBTQI spectrum.

The fostering of an environment in which Caribbean adolescents and youth not only survive, but thrive, requires concerted efforts from not only the health system, but also education, social protection, the private sector, civil society, communities, families, and young people themselves.

The robust and vibrant energy of Caribbean youth is yet to be fully harnessed in the Region, and there is urgent need to sustainably improve investments in the health and well-being of adolescents and youth in the Caribbean to fully realise this potential. When the appropriate investments are made in health, education, and social development, the benefits of the demographic dividend will be realized.


A total of 300 participants is expected to participate in the Congress – the majority of which will be young people from the region. Participants will represent a cross-section of areas to reflect the multi-disciplinary and inter-sectoral nature of adolescent and youth health and development. Among the participants, we also expect public health leaders, social activists, youth development leaders and regional civil society representatives sharing best practices as well as challenges on youth health programs currently implemented in their countries. Special attention will be placed on especially vulnerable youth including those with disabilities, migrant youth, youth living with HIV and chronic conditions, LGBTQI youth, and youth in juvenile justice centres.


The congress will feature a range of sessions (plenary and break-out sessions), workshops (skills-building, demonstrative), events and activities (oral poster presentations, poster displays/walks, thematic side events, among others), focusing on a wide range of key areas and themes in health.

Event Description

Expected outputs:

  1. Regional Commitment through the development of a clear vision and core principles to address the health needs of adolescents and youth ages 10-24 years in the Caribbean.
  2. Empowered champions in adolescent and youth health at the regional and country-level with increased knowledge and awareness of current best practices, new tools and skills-sets applicable to our Caribbean context.
  3. Regional Action Plans grounded in evidence on current and emerging priorities for adolescent and youth health and developed collaboratively with perspectives across an array of sectors.


Caribbean Association for Adolescent Health International Association for Adolescent Health
Caribbean Institute for Health Research

Caribbean Development Bank

Caribbean Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Health

 Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development’s Youth Campaign

PANCAP Youth Advocacy Network

Caribbean Regional Youth Council NCD Child
Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition PAHO/WHO
CARICOM Youth Department PANCAP
Commonwealth Youth Council Spouses of CARICOM Leaders Action Network (SCLAN)
Dance4Life Barbados

CARICOM Youth Ambassador Corps



Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago UNICEF
Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) UNAIDS