The Caribbean Congress on Adolescent and Youth Health (CCAYH) was a great initiative, as it was a different approach to resolving the issues affecting this demographic.  This was my first experience at such an event, and I was excited to be part of it.

The Congress was well organised, and a lot of pertinent information was presented. I liked the parallel sessions as these were smaller activities that allowed presenters to share more in-depth experiences, research and studies.

I enjoyed the sessions dealing with substance abuse and mental health. They were most interesting to me. The information remained with me, as the statistics put a lot into perspective in relation to what is really happening with young people and adolescents in the Caribbean. I was impressed with a presenter during the mental health session who was very courageous to speak about her struggles with mental health. I think this was an excellent way to educate and help us understand the complexity and hardships of mental health.

This congress gave me exposure and a wealth of knowledge. I am very thankful for the opportunity to experience and network with my Caribbean counterparts.