I question numerous life decisions I make but attending this congress is not one of them. The entire experience was high energy, building momentum from day one. Sharing the same space with so many influential and dynamic young and “youngish” leaders across the Caribbean really made me more receptive to differences in ideas, opinions and circumstances.

The youth congress facilitated communication between the youth and the policymakers. The forum pioneered a new dynamic for discussions about youth health involving youth at every stage. It was a catalyst to drive the change in the Caribbean’s approach to youth and adolescent health issues. The congress was extremely productive with the creation of a roadmap for youth health, detailing its goals and objectives.

Being the first of its kind there were a few hiccups but the content, engagement and networking made up for it. The plenary sessions captured my attention the most since it was an early morning session, and my mind was still fresh. It allowed for a holistic discussion with all of the participants, and this invoked a sense of inclusivity at every level.

This congress was a great experience to not only share my ideas and learn from others but to ensure the information gathered would be disseminated to our respective peer groups and organisations.