Regional Coordinating Mechanism

About RCM

The Regional Coordinating Mechanism (RCM) is a regional multisectoral body with a mandate to provide oversight to the PANCAP. Global Fund grants and is a requirement of the Fund.

Guiding Principles of the RCM

  1. Ensuring that grant implementation is focused, fast and flexible: The RCM shall help ensure that implementation is focused on the right activities, for the right populations and in the right places, and that available resources are used efficiently. To facilitate this the RCM shall be adequately empowered to ensure that grant implementation is flexible in programming and financing if the situation so requires.
  2. Ensuring access to high quality data: Access to quality and timely data will be key to monitor and analyze progress and inform strategic direction and management.
  3. Enabling effective, broad and inclusive participation in recognition that a wide range of partners have a legitimate interest in the success of the grant programme and the RCM should engage with them as part of its oversight responsibility.
  4. Ensuring democratic decision-making, respect, openness and transparency, and efficient operation of the RCM.
  5. Creating political leverage and joint funding platforms through linking with national governments, CARICOM, regional organisations and development partners such as PEPFAR and UN agencies.
  6. Ensuring a transparent process for engagement of the right implementing partners in accordance with agreed criteria.

Roles and Functions of RCM

  1. Development and submission of Concept Note and Global Fund funding request fully endorsed by RCM members, Countries and CCMs.
  2. Determine grant content through a consultative process.
  3. Provide implementation oversight for ensuring that the grant is implemented in a timely manner and in line with agreed strategy and related workplans and budgets. The oversight role will be shared with an Oversight Committee which will be guided by Terms
  4. Nomination of Principal Recipient (PR) to implement the Global Fund grant, and the selection of Sub-Recipients (SRs) who will be involved in grant implementation in collaboration with the PR.
  5. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of projects financed by the PANCAP RCM Global Fund grant (including the performance of the PR and SRs).
  6. Ensure that RCM funded activities are consistent with other initiatives to address the enabling environment and health systems strengthening, and are adapted and updated in response to new evidence on the effectiveness of intervention approaches.
  7. Coordinate and communicate with other regional initiatives to ensure alignment and efficiency of regional activities.
  8. Review progress reports prior to being sent to the Global Fund or other donors by the Principal Recipient (PR).
  9. Develop, modify and implement these ToR.