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Public Education commences on Belize’s Equal Opportunities Bill

January 24, 2020

January 2020 – Belize City, Belize: The Anti-Discrimination Steering Committee hosted a press conference with Breaking Belize News, Channel 5, Channel 7, Krem News, Love News, Plus TV, and the Government of Belize Press Office.

During the meeting, journalists were provided with an overview of the Equal Opportunities Bill, including the background of how this legislation has come to be and how it will provide protection for all Belizeans and dismantle the systemic barriers to equality.

The organizations championing the Equal Opportunities Bill, namely the National AIDS Commission (NAC), the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation, Poverty Alleviation and the Office of the Special Envoy for Women and Children, would like to thank the journalists who attended today’s meeting and engaged with the panel, composed of Mrs Kim Simplis Barrow (Special Envoy for Women and Children and Spouse of the Prime Minister), Mr Enrique Romero (Director Executive of the NAC), Attorney Randall Sheppard (Senior Crown Counsel in the Ministry of the Attorney General), and Attorney Rashad Brathwaite (independent consultant and legal drafter).

The goal of this legislation is to improve the lives of all Belizeans. The Bill will create a fairer society with improved public services, where businesses and everyday citizens can thrive. Our Constitution establishes the general principles for us to aspire to such a society, the Equal Opportunities Act will give us the practical tools and mechanisms to make this into a reality for all.

We encourage all Belizeans to make their voices heard. You too can take part in the consultation process around this Bill. Please send your submissions and requests for information or for a meeting with the technical team to the National AIDS Commission at the contact details below. We look forward to hearing from you.

National AIDS Commission

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