Caribbean Regional Strategic Framework 2019-2025

Oct 2019
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The CRSF provides essential guidelines that build on the already illustrious achievements of a Partnership deemed by UNAIDS to be an international best practice. Most appropriate is its vision of a Caribbean free of AIDS and new HIV infections, in which all people are happier, healthier, productive, safe and respected, complemented by a mission to stimulate the critical role of country programmes that empower Caribbean people to fulfil their potential and live happy, healthy, peaceful lives.

The CRSF highlights policies and programmes to accelerate progress for achieving the UNAIDS scientific 90-90-90 Targets to Test, Treat and Defeat AIDS, to which the region has committed. These are aligned to strategies for reviving the momentum with prevention, refocusing resources towards differentiated, comprehensive combination prevention interventions; and rekindling the zeal for public education to drive new infections downwards in the general population.