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PANCAP Learning Exchange to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

17 - 22 Feb, 2020

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Dr Shanti Singh-Anthony


Event Summary

Objectives of the Learning Journey 

1. To understand successful models of care delivery in reaching key populations with prevention, ART and support services at the national level and understand their intersection with community-based models.
2. To experience successful interventions aimed at advancing human rights and reducing stigma and discrimination among key populations.
3. To understand the components of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis programme as a highly effective prevention modality and index-based testing as a successful testing strategy.
4. To understand the degree and mechanisms of coordination and collaboration between COIN, Dominican Republic Ministry of Public Health, other civil society organisations and stakeholders in supporting the scale-up of HIV prevention, care and treatment services to the key populations.
5. To facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange among the participants on 90-90-90 and Treat All.
6. To develop country-specific action plans to enhance in-country collaboration among members of the multidisciplinary team participating in the learning exchange.