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Welcome members, partners and stakeholders of the Partnership to the ‘Treat All’ Knowledge Suite.

We consider this another valuable regional public good by the PANCAP Coordinating Unit as the Region moves towards full implementation of ‘Treat All’.

The Knowledge Suite consists of three (3) products designed to guide National AIDS Programme Managers, clinicians and other technical experts with the implementation of an effective ‘Treat All’ programme.

It consists of:

  1. The PANCAP ‘Treat All’ Roadmap – a standard Roadmap for the Implementation of ‘Treat All’, which offers guidance on the fundamental steps for effective incorporation of ‘Treat All’ into a country’s HIV and AIDS response.
  2. The Barbados ‘Treat All’ Case Study – The second product is the Barbados ‘Treat All’ Case Study, another tool for the implementation of ‘Treat All’. This provides the Partnership with a clear and concise illustration of the process utilised by the Government of Barbados, through the Ministry of Health, in the implementation of the successful Barbados ‘Treat All’ programme. It was vital for us to document the Barbados experience and share it with the Partnership since it is a best practice within the Region.
  3. The Barbados ‘Treat All’ Experience – A Video Illustration – The third and final product is an animated video illustration, which highlights the effective actions required for the implementation of ‘Treat All’ and offers background information on the process.

The ‘Treat All’ Knowledge Suite was compiled by the PANCAP Knowledge for Health Project with the support of the Government of Barbados, through the Ministry of Health with funding from PEPFAR and USAID. The products have been assembled into a concise and user-friendly web page available here on the PANCAP website.

We hope that this is an effective tool which will offer our members and partners a wealth of knowledge and guidance on how to implement ‘Treat All’.


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November 27, 2017
News Article


Video Introduction by Mr Dereck Springer, Director of PANCAP (Closed Captioning available, Click 'CC')

The Barbados 'Treat All' Experience - A Video Illustration