Because I know that the HIV epidemic is much bigger than any of us and affects our daily lives whether we want it or not, I keep on getting out of bed to help bring it to zero.

The Second Regional Meeting of Youth Leaders: Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV and AIDS,  showed me that as much as I thought I knew, the process of learning doesn’t stop. Each individual with their knowledge is one in billions. We must realize that our input as allies, community members, NGOs, government or whatsoever, brings us closer to the change we want to see no matter how small. This change can only be so if our intentions are real and honest.

With more appreciation for the little that I know, I’m more than ready to give it my all and play my part in leaving the world a better place than when I entered. For now, I’ll cheer to the little victories.

I’ve committed to the advocacy of CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education) in our education system and the access to high-quality health services. In doing so I’m taking home the following messages: there should be nothing for us, without us, make better use of opportunities given by CARICOM, and make more time to check up on one another.