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Youth Appeal for Removal of Barriers to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

November 1, 2021

During the recently held Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Week (October 17-23), youth from across the Region appealed for the removal of systematic barriers that hinder progress in accessing sexual and reproductive health care and education.

The barriers identified included unequal societal gender norms and expectations, exclusion and socio-economic disparity.  During the “Voices of Caribbean Youth” discussion, Ms Cindy Andrews, Deputy CARICOM Youth Ambassador, stated that the barriers to sexual reproductive health and rights significantly affect young people’s quality of life and limit their access to opportunities and resources.  These resources include education, access to safe sex health care and information on safe sex practices.

Ms Andrews appealed to regional policymakers and stakeholders to prioritize increasing the development and enforcement of policies to provide a holistic approach to reducing adolescent pregnancies.

The video below highlights critical messages from Ms Andrews and other youth who participated in Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Week.

In addition, youth were invited to submit dramatic poems to highlight the urgent need to prioritize policies for improved access to sexual and reproductive health and rights.  Click below to view.

Sophia (Poem) By Brandon Singh

Get the Gist (Poem) By Dellon Mathison

Talk (Poem) by Ashley Anthony