Selfish! Apathetic! Immoral!

These were her labels as a teenage mother.

Her tears were never enough,

Even though they filled every corner of that dark square

She slumbered for many summers.

Nine months of anguish, she never asked for.

Only for a man she never knew, to decide that faith for her.

Taking a trip down memory lane to that marvellous night.

She was singing, She was dancing, Her soul was so bright.

But like a shadow, he came and made her float as high as a kite

She tried to come down but the winds were too strong

She tried to make a sound, but like a birthday candle

Her voice was burnt out.

Only 16, she had big dreams

To live in a big old city

To complete her medical degree

To be free like how any other teenage girl should be.

She is Sophia, a fighter, a feminist, a woman living more than her dreams

She lives in me and every other teenager listening to her story

Young girls

Protect each other, lift each other

Say no to peer pressure

Say no to drugs

Unintentional or not, be percipient, be streetwise

Join educational clubs

And let’s end child pregnancy for once.