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PANCAP Knowledge Coordinator conducts STI Management TrainingTraining focused on strategies for prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections

August 9, 2017

PANCAP Knowledge Coordinator, Dr Shanti Singh-Anthony, facilitated the Ministry of Public Health (Guyana)’s ‘STI Management’ training in July. Dr Singh-Anthony explained that the training was pivotal at a time when the landscape of STI infections is changing and doctors are required to significantly enhance their knowledge capacity regarding the treatment of STIs.

More than twenty (20) doctors from the Ministry of Health participated in a series of presentations and interactive group sessions facilitated by Dr Singh-Anthony held at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH).

The topics discussed included strategies for prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections. Participants were encouraged to utilize the 5Ps ( Partners, Practices, Prevention of Pregnancy, Protection from STIs and Past History of STIs) recommended by US Centers for Disease Control, in conducting a comprehensive risk assessment. Emphasis was placed on understanding prevention methods and the value of biomedical prevention such as HPV and Hepatitis B vaccinations. Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT) was prioritised as a critical intervention in the control of STIs. Diagnosis and management were presented using WHO recommended syndromic management approach and addressed genito-urinary discharge syndrome and genito-ulcer disease. These were presented as case studies.

Dr Singh-Anthony explained, ‘it is vital that doctors make use of the new research, literature and data available to consistently upgrade their knowledge of the new advances in the treatment of STIs. The science associated with the treatment of STIs is constantly changing and doctors must keep up with the advances in order to effectively treat patients and improve their health outcomes’.