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PANCAP Hosts Knowledge Synthesis and Best Practices Workshop to Build Capacity of Civil Society Organizations and National AIDS Programme Managers within the RegionPANCAP Director says workshop aims to foster more effective collaboration between CSOs and NAP Managers

November 22, 2016

The Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV&AIDS, PANCAP, is hosting a three (3) – day workshop (November 22 -24) in Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, on Knowledge Management and Best Practices for in excess of forty (40) participants consisting of leaders of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and National AIDS Programme (NAP) Managers from the Caribbean.

The workshop is meant to foster further collaboration between CSOs and NAP managers through a series of engaging knowledge management (KM) activities that will allow the participants to share their success stories and best practices with those that may be struggling in similar areas of their operation.

According to Director, PANCAP Coordinating Unit, Dereck Springer, the workshop intends to avoid routine training presentations and instead focus on bridging any gaps between CSOs and NAP managers by involving them in highly interactive knowledge sharing sessions. ‘The key word now in HIV/AIDS programme implementation is ‘sustainability’, stated the Director, ‘it is imperative that all CSOs and NAP Managers within the region be equipped for dealing with the on-going challenges of sustaining such programmes. PANCAP believes that a joint effort between CSOs and NAP managers can have a very positive effect on the approach to dealing with the sustainability challenge including overcoming funding and financial challenges. If these two (2) parties collaborate with a united effort, the opportunities for securing financial security and acquiring the human resources needed to maintain HIV/AIDS programmes can be realized’.

The PANCAP Director further stated ‘two of the main outcomes who hope to achieve is building the capacity of NAP Managers to more effectively advocate for the needs and requirements of CSOs at a National level and strengthening the abilities of CSOs to adequately garner national and international support for their activities and programmes in HIV/AIDS’.

The Director explained that he expects the most success from the ‘Knowledge Café’ activity which allows participants to engage in group discussions about topics affecting the implementation of programmes revolving around HIV/AIDS. The groups will be facilitated by a number of experts within the fields of HIV/AIDS programme implementation and knowledge management.

‘The Knowledge Café will provide an ideal environment for participants to learn about the successful programmes implemented by CSOs and NAP managers’ stated the PANCAP Director, ‘those participants who are lacking the capacity to create that success can generate a road map through discussing their weaknesses and areas in which they need help with those who have already crossed those hurdles’.

Knowledge Coordinator, PANCAP Coordinating Unit, Dr. Shanti Singh-Anthony explained that in addition to the Knowledge Café, another highlight of the workshop will be the ‘Peer Assist’ sessions. ‘These sessions will build on the discussions generated in the Knowledge Café but will allow for more intimate interaction between participants seeking help in particular areas and those who are willing to share their success stories,’ stated the Knowledge Coordinator, ‘the face-to-face discussion is ideal for participants who wish to enhance their abilities to effectively advocate for their HIV/AIDS causes and programmes’.

The workshop is being held at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad from Tuesday November 22 to Thursday, November 24. PANCAP will provide ‘live’ updates on the workshop, including interviews with facilitators and participants, via as well as social media platforms available at and

All updates can be viewed as they are posted by using #KM4SUSTAINABILITY.

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