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PANCAP and OECS Commission collaborate on Skills Building Workshop in Saint Lucia 

November 27, 2018

At the request of the HIV Programme Unit of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission, staff of the PANCAP-Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project facilitated a two-day training workshop for programme managers and technical officers of the HIV/TB Elimination Project, OECS Commission, and Ministry of Health, as well as programme staff from national Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) – “Loving Care”, ECADE, and HERStoire. The training was conducted in Castries, Saint Lucia on 14 and 15 November 2018.

The overall objective of the initiative was to build the capacity of the participants in the use of online tools to develop visually appealing knowledge products and to improve how workshops, seminars, and meetings are evaluated.

The staff of the PANCAP-K4Health Project focused on three online tools, “Poll Everywhere”, “Adobe Spark”, and “Piktohcart”. These tools are utilized frequently within the knowledge management-focused project to share information on HIV and to evaluate and improve events happening within the region.

Using a virtual sharing platform, Go-to-Webinar, Mr. Timothy Austin, Communications Specialist for the PANCAP-K4Health Project, introduced the live virtual evaluation and interactive audience participation programme, “Poll Everywhere” from his office in Georgetown, Guyana.

Woven creatively through the two-day workshop to demonstrate how to integrate “Poll Everywhere” at various stages of an event, Timothy shared details on using this online virtual evaluation programme to gauge participants’ satisfaction with an event in an effort to improve workshops, seminars, and meetings in the future.

Dr. Shanti Singh-Anthony, Knowledge Management Coordinator of the PANCAP-K4Health Project, introduced the online design application, “Adobe Spark”.

The free online application allows users to create eye-catching knowledge products, web pages, and videos that can be shared on social media, via email, or embedded on a website.
Participants developed Adobe Spark pages using data, photos, and information from events and reports on topics from HIV case-based and drug resistance surveillance to the status of 90-90-90 Targets in the OECS.

Ms. Elizabeth Tully, Programme Officer supporting the PANCAP-K4Health Project, introduced the online infographic programme, “Piktochart”.

The free online programme allows users to create visually appealing products that can be downloaded, printed or shared online through social media or a website.
The programme can be used to create a variety of products including “infographics” and is ideal for displaying data in a visually interesting manner or helping to simplify a complex idea or topic.
Participants developed a variety of knowledge products including flyers for awareness days including World AIDS Day 2018, a graphic presentation for Trans Awareness Week and a fact sheet for 90-90-90 data in the OECS, among others.

Dr. Cleophas D’Auvergne, Project Coordinator of the HIV/TB Elimination Project at the OECS Commission, expressed his appreciation to the PANCAP-K4Health Project for facilitating the skills building workshop and highlighted that the initiative demonstrates the value that PANCAP provides to the region.