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How to promote your case studies and best practices using the PANCAP Document LibraryFollow these easy-to-do steps to share your achievements with the entire PANCAP partnership.

August 8, 2017

Step 1. Click on the ‘Resources’ menu and select ‘Document Library’.

Step 2. Click on the ‘Submit A Document’ button.

Step 3. Use any of your social media accounts to log into the Document Library.

Step 4. The website will connect with the social media account you selected.

Step 5. Sign into your social media account to access the Document Library. This activity WILL NOT be posted on your social media profile.

Step 6. Select ‘Create a new account’ which will be associated with your social media ID.

Step 7. Complete all the fields and click ‘continue’ to proceed.

Step 8. The message below will appear requesting permission to use your social media account to access the PANCAP Document Library. Click ‘allow’. Only basic profile information like your name will be visible.

Step 9. You’re here. Welcome to the PANCAP Document Library. Select ‘Add New PANCAP document’ to start.

Step 10. Complete all necessary fields to provide viewers with as much information about your document as possible. Your document will also be reviewed before it is posted. Details are important for the review.

Step 11. Ensure you enter the ‘document type’ e.g. case study, best practice, guidelines, etc.

Step 12. A brief description of your document is required. Please be as concise as possible.

Step 13. PANCAP can promote your document on the home page. Select the ‘highlight’ option to request this.

Step 14. You can preview how your document will appear on the website by clicking the ‘preview’ button. Use this option to make any changes or correct errors before final submission of the document.

Step 15. Click ‘Submit for review’ to send your document to the PANCAP Coordinating Unit for review. This will take one (1) working day.

Step 16. After approval, your document will appear in the library and will be disseminated to the entire Partnership. Viewers will have the option to view the document on the site or download and save.

To upload a document now, click here.

For clarifications, please contact