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Double Positive Foundation in collaboration with National AIDS Programme Suriname facilitated an information session on side-effects of Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV medications

November 28, 2018

Image: (L-R) Nurse Sieds Wildenbeest, Nurse Willemien Dorama, Dr. Frank Kroon and Dr. Kees Brinkman.

People Living with HIV (PLHIV), civil society organizations, health navigators, peer counselors and “peer buddies” participated in a knowledge sharing exercise facilitated by The Double Positive Foundation, a Suriname-based civil society organization.  The event was implemented in collaboration with the National AIDS Programme Suriname.

The exercise encompassed valuable advice for PLHIV on the medications intended for Tuberculosis and HIV that may counteract with each other.

The presentations were conducted by Dr. Kees Brinkman, Dr. Frank Kroon, Nurse Willemien Dorama and Nurse Sieds Wildenbeest.

At the culmination of the activity, Dr. Kees Brinkman presented Ms. Ethel Pengel, Chair of Double Positive with a copy of “Hello Gorgeous”, a magazine produced by PLHIV.  The subject of the magazine’s cover story, Netherlands activist Ms. Janice Telgt, also attended the event to meet with participants of the knowledge sharing activity.

Image: (L-R) Ms. Ethel Pengel, Chair, Double Positive, Dr. Kees Brinkman and Ms. Janice Telgt