Who We Are


PANCAP Coordinating Unit (PCU)

The PANCAP Coordinating Unit (PCU) services the Partnership. The PCU is located at the CARICOM Secretariat in Guyana, and complemented by the Secretariat’s operating departments.The PCU has three distinct roles: (i) as the Secretariat of PANCAP, (ii) as a Support Agency and (iii) as a Financing Agency.

PANCAP Secretariat

  • The PCU supports and coordinates the Organs of PANCAP:  the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Regional Coordinating Mechanism (RCM), the Priority Areas Coordinating Committee (PACC) and any technical working group. In this regard, it provides technical, administrative and financial support to PANCAP meetings;
  • provides support to the PACC in coordinating regional Priority Areas plans with agreed regional intervention indicators;
  • organizes through an independent agency, periodic external technical audits of the regional programme; and
  • mobilizes resources on behalf of the PANCAP membership

Support Agency

The PCU undertakes some regional interventions including being the repository of information on national and regional HIV and AIDS interventions. In this role, it facilitates the sharing of information and promising and best practices which facilitates enhanced coordination of PANCAP’s activities. The PCU is also an advocate in the Caribbean’s response to the epidemic. In its advocacy role, it promotes, among other things, a multi-sectoral response and an enabling environment to reverse the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Financing Agent

The PCU, in collaboration with the CARICOM Secretariat, is currently the fund holder for donor partners fund (e.g. Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and PEPFAR). These funds are granted to regional support agencies to undertake agreed activities.

PCU Staff

Dr Astell Collins (Hon)

Youth Adviser
One (1) year

Under the supervision of the Director of PANCAP,  the Youth Advisor is responsible for:
– supporting the development of a comprehensive and high-quality analysis and synthesis of the latest evidence, policy and strategy developments related to young people and HIV in close collaboration with UNAIDS Youth Focal Point, CARICOM Deputy Programme Manager, Youth and CVC-COIN
– supporting the development and review of technical guidance and policy on young people and HIV, with a specific focus on young people living with HIV and young people among key populations at higher risk, ensuring that they are youth-friendly.
– documenting and highlighting emerging best practices regarding innovative strategies on youth and showcase results.
– Contributing to the efforts towards the sustained capacity building, including facilitating partnership, for the youth movement in the HIV response, including through supporting the development of an online learning platform for youth activists in the HIV response.
– Supporting the coordination of the implementation of the PANCAP Coordinating Unit’s youth component of the Global Fund grant programme

Dr Collins also serves as a UN Goodwill Ambassador and Global Representative for the Golden Rule International and Interfaith Peace-Building for Caribbean States and its territories as well as the Advisor for the office of Ambassador Clyde Rivers, Ambassador at Large for the Republic of Burundi.

Dereck Anthony Springer

Dereck Anthony Springer

Mr. Dereck Springer, Master of Public Health, Director of the Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS, PANCAP, is a public health practitioner and behavioural specialist with 23 years of experience in the health sector, primarily in HIV and mental health. He began his public health career as a Volunteer Counsellor at the Genito-Urinary Medicine Clinic, Guyana.  His extensive experience in policy, management and programme implementation at the national and regional levels has been facilitated by his work with civil society, government, regional and international technical assistance agencies.

He has previously been Senior Advisor for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global AIDS Program Guyana, UNAIDS’ Focal Point in Guyana and National Coordinator of Voluntary Counselling and Testing for the Ministry of Health. He is the former Chair of the Implementer Group of the Global Fund Board and the Communications and Governance Focal Point for the Latin America and the Caribbean delegation to the Global Fund Board.

Andrea Michelle Halley

Secretary to the Director of the PCU
10 Years

Duties and Responsibilities

Andrea is a veteran employee PANCAP Coordinating Unit, CARICOM Secretariat whose role as Secretary to the Director of the PCU involves providing administrative support in maintaining the Director’s schedule, logistical issues and the information flow between the Office of the Director and other parties.

With great ability at multitasking, Andrea prepares and coordinates executive reports while liaising with the wide range of personalities within the PANCAP partnership.

This experienced employee goes beyond what is required to coordinate negotiations with donor organizations such as USAID, PEPFAR, Global Fund and AHF.

She is also significantly involved in building relationships with key PANCAP stakeholders through crafting reports and correspondences that seek to inform and strengthen relationships with pivotal stakeholders including Heads of Government.

Most days Andrea can be found working beyond normal business hours to plan and implement strategies to boost the capabilities of the Director of PANCAP and serve the overall efficiency of the PANCAP Coordinating Unit.

Nickosha DeNobrega

Documentation Assistant
2+ years

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Find and retrieve information from files in response to request from authorised users
  • Catalogue and code all books, documents, reports, CDs, DVDs, for easy storage and retrieval.
  • Retrieve/compile and distribute electronic and hard copies of documents
  • Upload PANCAP’s archival and other documentation onto PANCAP’s share-Drive
  • Provide administrative support when needed
  • Extract relevant articles from newspapers, and magazines/journals and file such clippings under subject headings

Sharon Khan-Persaud

11 years

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To provide logistical and administration support for PANCAP meetings
  • To maintain stock of office supplies for the PCU
  • To provide communicative support to CBMP annually for Regional Testing Day Initiative
  • To provide information to the partnership as necessary
  •  To provide administrative support to Senior Accountant