The learning exchange brought to mind a quote I have heard time and time again, “everything in its own awesome timing”. I have had the desire to further my involvement in Civil Society. Still, I feared the unknown; I was somewhat intimidated by the extra work it involves but this experience has given me the motivation to get it done. My attendance at the learning exchange has been nothing short of eye-opening.

The capacity building was outstanding, the networking timely, and the overall experience was a humbling one. The field visits which showcased the work being done in the Dominican Republic were outstanding and I am grateful to the staff and volunteers who work with the clients.

I especially enjoyed visiting the Dominican Institute of Virological Studies (IDEV) clinic where they have a massive operation. The presenters’ strategies and methods of work were clearly illustrated.

It is my hope that each member of the visiting team observed at least one best practice that we can adapt and improve the services to our clients. If we continue to work together and use these practices, I see us moving closer to achieving the 90-90-90 Targets in the OECS!