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National AIDS Commission (NAC) Belize Equips Civil Society Organisations with PPE

In September, Mr Enrique Romero, Executive Director, National AIDS Commission (NAC) Belize, presented personal protective equipment (PPE), specifically face shields, to members of civil society organizations (CSOs).

The donation was made possible through support from PANCAP’s COVID-19 (C19RM) grant, of which Belize is a beneficiary.

The beneficiaries included Belize Family Life Association – BFLA, “Our Circle”, United Belize Advocacy Movement – Unibam, Belize Trans Colors, Empower Yourself Belize Movement – EYBM, Belize Youth Empowerment For Change – BYEC and Helpage Belize.

Additional PPE for CSOs are forthcoming and will be presented at a later date.