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NAPS Guyana empowering PLHIV with culinary skills training

March 25, 2019

The National AIDS Programme Secretariat Guyana, with funding from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Cooperative Agreement, successfully trained 18 persons in food preparation techniques and healthy eating practical sessions.  Experts in the culinary arts facilitated the training at the Carnegie School of Home Economics in Georgetown.

The 12-day training activity involved participants from various National HIV Treatment and Care sites in Region 4, Georgetown.

Mr Somdatt Ramessar, Manager of the National HIV Food Bank spoke to the editor of PANCAP Newsletter about the initiative.  He explained that the focus of the training was to expose the participants to healthy and safe ways to prepare foods for consumption, as well as consistent use of healthy, locally grown and inexpensive food.  He underscored the importance of participants building their skills in preparing food to maintain the nutritional value.

“Building the capacity of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) so that they can live more productive lives is the focus of the National Programme,” stated Somdatt, “hence the aim of the training activity was to build the capacity of participants so that they can contribute meaningfully to their families and be role models in their communities and resource persons within the PLHIV population”.

At the culmination of the training, participants were tasked with returning to their respective support groups and sharing the knowledge they have acquired through organized group activities.

Somdatt noted that the National Programme was particularly proud of a participant who established a local juice production business with the skills acquired from the training.

Below is an image gallery of the food products created by participants.