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Minister of Public Health Guyana says Country is Benefitting from Global Grants for AIDS, TB, and MalariaResources have enabled Guyana to place increased number of persons on treatment for HIV

September 30, 2016

Minister of Public Health, Guyana, Hon. Dr. George Norton, speaking at the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and Global Fund Side Event at the PAHO 55th Directing Council stated that Guyana continues to benefit significantly from Global Fund grants especially with regard to the response to HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

After congratulating the Global Fund on its successful 5th Replenishment, Minister Norton stated that the Caribbean, including Guyana, has utilized significant resources provided by the Global Fund to place increased numbers of persons on treatment for HIV and TB and to prevent new HIV, TB and Malaria infections.

We are heartened that the Global Fund Secretariat is supporting countries to plan for sustainability and successful transition’, stated Minister Norton, ‘we are looking forward to the transition model which will evolve in Jamaica following the exercise it is currently undertaking with support from the Global Fund and PEPFAR’.

The Global Fund has helped beneficiary countries to improve health systems and strengthened governance and transparency through the Country Coordination Mechanism (CCMs).

The Minister of Public Health further stated that he anticipated additional strengthening and full country ownership of CCMs to enable them to be sustained post Global Fund and continue to play a meaningful role in the national health response.

Minister Norton concluded by congratulating the Latin America and Caribbean delegation to the Global Fund Board for their increased engagement in the Global Fund Board, Committees and representation. ‘We look forward to their continued advocacy on behalf of the Latin America and Caribbean Region’ stated Minister Norton.

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