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Guyana to get over 100,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines

February 1, 2021

(Georgetown, Guyana)  Global vaccine mechanism, COVAX plans to deliver 104,000 doses of the novel coronavirus vaccine to Guyana soon.

This was announced today by Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony during the COVID-19 update.

“We have received correspondence from COVAX indicating that they have been able to do an indicative allocation of vaccines to Guyana…and that is going to be close to 104,000 doses of vaccines that we will be getting shortly,” the Health Minister revealed.

The vaccines will come from manufacturer, AstraZeneca.

Presently, the said vaccine is before the World Health Organisation (WHO) for emergency use listing.

“Once the WHO greenlights the vaccine, then we will be able to get those vaccines in Guyana,” the Health Minister said.

The European Union, along with several countries including India and the United Kingdom, have already approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for emergency use authorisation.

With Guyana expected to get some 104,000 doses, Health Minister indicated that Guyana is prepared to start the rollout when the doses arrive.

“We’re very happy that they’ve indicated to us that we will be getting 104,000 doses as an initial start…and we would be working closely with them to see when these vaccines would actually arrive in Guyana, and as soon as we get them, we will start rolling out,” he said.

The Health Minister said Guyana is prepared to start delivering the vaccine to the population.