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CRN+ Chair awarded the 2019 High Individual Value Award

November 27, 2019

Mr Tyrone Ellis, Chair of the Caribbean Regional Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (CRN+), was recently awarded by the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Jamaica for being of “High Individual Value” in the response to HIV and AIDS in Jamaica.

The award was presented to Tyrone by the Ministry of Health and Wellness in November 2019 for his outstanding contribution to Jamaica’s national HIV response. PANCAP congratulates Tyrone on this significant achievement.

The Chair recently spoke with the Editor of the PANCAP Newsletter on new plans for CRN+. “As Chairman of CRN+, my vision is to work towards providing support and advocacy services for People Living with and affected by HIV in the Caribbean Community,” stated the Chair.  He also plans to enhance the promotion of broader sexual health objectives through education, training and health promotion.

Tyrone further stated that he intends to increase public awareness and understanding around HIV and AIDS and to reduce stigma and discrimination, which will improve the quality of life for People Living with HIV.