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COHSOD endorsed Executive Board’s decision to pursue Streamlining and Refocusing of PANCAPDeputy Chair, PANCAP Executive Board and Director of PANCAP received unanimous support from COHSOD

September 27, 2017

The Thirty-Third Council for Human and Social Development (COHSOD),  endorsed the PANCAP Executive Board’s decision to pursue the streamlining and refocusing of PANCAP.  The decision was made with the stipulation that the Executive Board should seek approval from the COHSOD should the body decide in the future to expand its remit to include other health issues.

Prior to the decision, a presentation on the future of PANCAP was made by Donald T. Simeon, Professor of Biostatistics and Research, UWI and Deputy Chair, PANCAP Executive Board.  Professor Simeon was supported in his discussion by Director of PANCAP, Mr Dereck Springer.  The presentation also highlighted the PANCAP Executive Board’s Report to COHSOD on the Assessment of PANCAP.

The approach to streamlining and refocusing will be led by the Executive Board and the technical committee of the Board.  The model and structure will be reviewed and streamlined to ensure greater efficiencies, ensuring clearer national-level impact, while maintaining important principles of inclusion.

There will also be a need to conduct research to quantify the value of PANCAP to the Region.

It was also felt that once streamlined and strengthened, the Board can then consider including other health conditions over time, on a phased basis.

PANCAP has developed a Resource Mobilization Strategy, which is guided by an Advisory Group, to diversify funding sources to address all Priority Areas of the Caribbean Regional Strategic Framework on HIV and AIDS (CRSF). PANCAP is actively engaging the Private Sector and there is a new opportunity for funding from the Global Fund for the period October 2019 to September 2022.

The discussion on how the Partnership can streamline and refocus will be further discussed at the upcoming meetings of the PACC and Executive Board.

The COHSOD was held from September 23 to 24 in Washington, DC.

The COHSOD, which consists of Ministers designated by the Member States, promotes human and social development.  Specifically, Article 17 of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.