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Caribbean Med Labs Foundation reflects on 10 Years of Achievements 

October 22, 2018

Image: The CMLF Team, (L-R), Ms. Louise Mathura, Administrative/Finance Assistant, Ms. Valerie Wilson, Director, Ms. Wendy Kitson-Piggott, Laboratory, and Quality Systems Specialist, Dr. Wayne Labastide, Associate

The Caribbean Med Labs Foundation (CMLF) is celebrating 10 Years of pioneering work. Noted for being the Caribbean’s first indigenous NGO devoted to medical laboratory issues, it is important to reflect on the origin of this groundbreaking entity.

CMLF was established in 2008 on request from regional Ministers of Health, in the context of a Caribbean environment that needed such an organization to support Caribbean Governments’ responses to 21st-century public health challenges.

Reflecting on the CMLF’s journey over the last 10 years, the organization can be described as people-centered, inclusive, innovative, cutting-edge, reliable, data-driven and evidence-based.  One of its driving principles has been to encourage a sense of ownership and responsibility among Caribbean stakeholders (or clientele) towards achieving successful public health outcomes.

CMLF has spearheaded transitions in policy, planning and quality improvement for the regional laboratory sector. The organization is proud of its reputation of being very resourceful.  It is usually the first point of contact when laboratory challenges arise. As a result, CMLF has invested in capacity development within the region.

The organization receives significant support from Ministries of Health, which is an indication of how important the work of the CMLF is to the regional public health response.

More importantly, the CMLF is proud of its work with people at all levels within the public health system.  In fact, an integral part of the entity’s operations is a deliberate strategy of fostering cooperation with all public health partners.

Indeed the region cannot mount the type of comprehensive response to 21st-century public health challenges without strong indigenous NGOs.  With the continuing support of current and future partners, CMLF aims to expand their resources, scope, and impact over the next 10 years.

Image: The CMLF Achievements Timeline

To view or download the full timeline, CLICK HERE. 

Source: CMLF