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Global Fund Strategy Development 2023-2028: Ensuring All Voices are Heard

1 Oct - 31 Dec, 2021


Regional Platform - Latin America and the Caribbean


Event Summary

The Global Fund has launched a process to develop its new Strategy, which will cover the five years from 2023–2028. Global Fund Advocates Network (GFAN) and its partners believe that the voices, priorities and needs of civil society, communities and key populations around the world must be heard during the process and reflected in final Strategy for it to be as successful as possible in leaving no one behind in HIV, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria responses everywhere.

How and When to Participate in the Strategy Development

The process includes several opportunities and entry points for civil society and communities to provide input in various ways. Many are in the timeline below that lists key steps throughout the overall process. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the major steps were delayed and will be undertaken virtually instead of in-person.

  • The Global Fund’s Online Consultation: Open & ongoing (first round of input was gathered in advance of 1 September 2020 and will be reviewed by the Global Fund Board Strategy Committee at its 14th meeting)
  • The Global Fund’s 14th Strategy Committee Meeting: 5-6 October 2020 ~ Geneva, Switzerland
  • GFAN Call on the Strategy Development: 14 October 2020
  • Pre-meetings for Civil Society for the Partnership forums: January 2021 (TBD)
  • Partnership Forums: First quarter of 2021 (The Global Fund CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for the Partnership Forums (CLOSED NOV 6 2020):
    • Global Opening: 19 January 2021
    • Partnership Forum I: Eastern Europe and Central Asia & Latin America and the Caribbean 9-11 February 2021
    • Partnership Forum II: Africa & MENA I*, 17-19 February 2021
    • Partnership Forum III: East Asia Pacific, South West Asia & MENA II**, 3-5 March 2021
    • Global Closing: 15 March 2021
  • Global Fund Board approves Strategy framework: May 2021 (at 45th Board meeting)
  • Global Fund Board approves full Strategy: November 2021 (at 46th Board meeting)

Updates & Resources

The list below includes documents and other input regarding civil society priorities for the new Strategy.

Event Documents