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7th Meeting of the National AIDS Programme Managers and Key Partners

11 - 13 Mar, 2019
8:30 am - 4:35 pm

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Anita Davis-Craig


Event Summary

The PANCAP Coordinating Unit, with funding from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, will convene the Seventh Meeting of National AIDS Programme Managers and Key Partners on the 11-13 March 2019 in Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The overall objective of the meeting is to update programme managers and partners on national and regional commitments, progress on current global strategies, and identify innovative ways to address gaps identified in the UNAIDS 2018 GAM Report and strengthen the Caribbean regional HIV response. The Meeting will facilitate information and best practice sharing; peer learning and technical cooperation among countries to strengthen ownership; improve harmonization and sustainability of the Caribbean HIV response.

Event Description

The Specific Objectives of the meeting are as follows:

• Provide an update on the Region’s epidemic and response.
• Discuss and agree on strategies for addressing the gaps in achieving the UNAIDS 90-90-90 targets in the Caribbean.
• Explore what sustainability means for individual countries in the context of their existing economic realities.
• Discuss and agree on a roadmap for integration as a key strategy for sustainability.
• Provide an update on the achievements and synergies of the PANCAP and CVC-COIN and OECS Global Fund grants and the transfer of regional public goods being developed under these grants.
• Receive updates from development and regional partners on programmes and activities that are contributing to the achievements of the goals and targets of the CRSF.

The Expected Outcomes include:

1. Agreement on strategies for addressing gaps in achieving the 90-90-90 targets
2. Increased understanding of sustainability in the context of existing economic realities.
3. Agreement on a roadmap for advancing integration as a key strategy for sustainability.
4. Achievements of the regional Global Fund grants to date.
5. Awareness of partners’ contributions to the targets of the CRSF