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Solicitations for Consultant Services – Guyana

FHI 360
Closing Date May 3, 2021 closed

To apply, applicants must meet the following requirements. Applicants that do not meet these requirements but are interested in employment opportunities, please apply to the general employment career center and application by clicking here. Mandatory Requirement: Applicants must review the Consultant Terms and Conditions and then complete and attach an FHI 360 Biographical Data Form to their application for each opportunity of interest.

  1. Consultants are individuals who are not FHI 360 employees, engaged on an “as needed basis” to perform specific tasks within a specified duration.
  2. Consultants must be able to sign an agreement.
  3. Consultants are responsible for his/her working environment.
  4. Consultants must have specialized skill & knowledge.

Since solicitations are often modified to provide further information or extend solicitation closure dates, suppliers are encouraged to request solicitation notices, by clicking on “Sign up for Solicitations”.

Requests for Consultant Solicitations

Guyana HIV Key Populations Program Management Consultant
RFP No.: FY21-102533-1111_Consultant_02

Issue date: 8 Apr, 2021
Closing date: 24 Apr, 2021

Solicitation file(s):
FY21-102533-1111Program Management Consultant_Guyana_April 2021.docx (247 KB)

Guyana HIV Key Populations Finance Consultant
RFP No.: FY21-102433-2222_Consultant_02

Issue date: 8 Apr, 2021
Closing date: 24 Apr, 2021

Solicitation file(s):
FY21-102433-2222_Finance Consultant_Guyana_April 2021_.docx (247 KB)

Writer/Editor – Asia-Pacific Regional Office
RFP No.: APRO_022021_Consultant_01

Issue date: 8 Apr, 2021
Closing date: 12 May, 2021

Solicitation file(s):
RFP_Writer-Editor_APRO_2021 (190 KB)
purchasing-FHI-360-biodata-form.docx (46 KB)

EpiC El Salvador Vaccine Consultant
RFP No.: 4145_Consultant_02

Issue date: 14 Apr, 2021
Closing date: 3 May, 2021

Solicitation file(s):
FY21-102533-4145RFP El Salvador Vaccine.docx (246 KB)