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SHOPS Plus Trinidad and Tobago-based CSO Sustainability Consultant

Closing Date May 8, 2019 closed


SHOPS Plus is implementing strategies to improve the sustainability of civil society organizations providing HIV services to key populations in Trinidad and Tobago. Specifically, SHOPS Plus is working with the National AIDS Coordinating Committee (NACC) and Grassroots Organization Operating Together in Sisterhood in Trinidad and Tobago (GROOTS TT), a CSO that provides community-based HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing services and other social services, to identify a sustainable source of financing for its operations once support from USAID comes to an end. SHOPS Plus is also supporting GROOTS TT and the Government of Trinidad and Tobago (GoTT) to identify a partner, such as a well-established local NGO, that can provide ongoing management and capacity building supports for GROOTS TT.

One potential option for sustainable funding is a subvention from GoTT. The NGO Unit of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services (MSDFS) coordinates government assistance to NGOs and CSOs and is responsible for identifying suitable organizations, managing and monitoring contractual agreements, processing and assessing applications for funding, and registering NGOs. Other ministries, such as the Ministry of Health (MOH), can also issue subventions directly to NGOs and CSOs. SHOPS Plus and NACC will support GROOTS TT to explore other options, in addition to subventions, for obtaining stopgap funding to continue operations beyond September 2019. Opportunities may include government grants or contributions/donations, corporate or foundation grants, funding from other international donors, or fundraising activities.

Scope of Work

SHOPS Plus is seeking a short-term consultant to provide strategic and technical assistance to NACC and GROOTS TT to obtain sustainable financing for GROOTS TT’s HIV-related services.

The consultant will: gather information on the subvention process and other potential sources of funding; represent SHOPS Plus in meetings with government, NGO, and corporate stakeholders; and assist GOTT, GROOTS TT, and potentially, other NGOs to prepare documents and collect information needed to complete the subvention process. The consultant will also support NACC and GROOTS TT to identify a provider of on-going management support and facilitate the establishment of a relationship between the provider and GROOTS TT.

The position requires prior experience in project management and working with government and CSOs. Knowledge of HIV programs is preferred.

This is a short-term consultancy requiring up to 35 days between May and September 2019. On-site presence in Port-of-Spain is required. Duties include:
 Representing SHOPS Plus in meetings with GoTT, GROOTS TT, NGOs, and commercial sector stakeholders.
 Collecting information, both written and through conversations, on GoTT subvention process.
 Conducting desk research, meetings, and phone calls to identity private, foundation, and other public sources of financing for GROOTS TT.
 Supporting GROOTS TT to identity and document alternative revenue generation activities.
 Identifying a provider of on-going management support to GROOTS TT and assisting in establishing an official relationship between GoTT, the provider, and GROOTS TT.
 Supporting GROOTS TT, and potentially, the management support provider, to compile documentation for subvention pre-requisites, design and write impact briefs and capability statements, and draft application materials and budgets.
 Providing inputs to NACC and other GoTT entities for documents required to establish a subvention.
 Supporting high-level advocacy to GoTT and other funders for financing CSOs to provide HIV services, as required. Deliverables
 Minutes from meetings with GROOTS TT, GoTT, and other stakeholders
 Written inputs to a document summarizing the process, requirements, and timeline of the GoTT subvention process, as requested
 Written contributions to GROOTS TT subvention application and budget as required
 Written contributions to GoTT documents rfor completing subvention as required
 Slide deck summarizing options for providers for on-going management support to GROOTS TT and strategies for establishing a formal relationship between GROOTS TT, the management support provider, and GoTT
 Slide deck with alternative funding and revenue generation opportunities for GROOTS TT
 Presentation, technical brief, or other material to support efforts to advocate for funding for GROOTS TT, as required
 Participation in biweekly check-in meetings with SHOPS Plus team, as required
 Final report documenting program results and lessons learned Qualifications
 Previous experience in grants administration and project management
 Proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software applications for word processing, data analysis and presentation
 Excellent interpersonal, communications and mentoring skills
 Proven understanding of GoTT subvention process desirable
 Experience working with PEPFAR/USAID programs is desirable
 Minimum 5 years of experience working with government or CSOs in HIV-related areas required; Experience working with GROOTS TT and NACC is desirable.
 Knowledge of strategies for HIV service delivery to key populations, and knowledge and understanding of the HIV response in Trinidad and Tobago, are advantages
 Ability to handle confidential information with complete discretion
The consultant will work in close collaboration with the NACC Secretariat and GROOTS TT staff, and report to the SHOPS Plus Trinidad and Tobago program lead.

To apply, please submit your CV and cover letter to by May 8, 2019.