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Programme Manager, Partnerships and Resource Mobilization

PANCAP Coordinating Unit
Closing Date August 23, 2018 closed


Under the direction of the Director, PANCAP, the Programme Manager, PANCAP will be responsible for the implementation of the PANCAP Resource Mobilization (RM) Strategy. The Programme Manager for Partnerships and Resource Mobilization will be supported by established relationships, contacts with private and public sector institutions and high-level engagement with the Director of PANCAP, to help lead PANCAP towards readiness to transition away from donor aid and to develop a credible, long-term approach to resource mobilization by:

• Securing adequate levels of resources (financial and non-financial) to meet the needs of PANCAP members and its Coordinating Unit (PCU), as the Secretariat of the Partnership
• Diversifying funding to mitigate risk and promote financial sustainability
• Securing ongoing, non-project-based funding to fund core functions of PANCAP and its PCU.


Candidates should possess a Master’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, Business Management, Social Sciences including Public Health, Public Administration, Project Management or related field, plus at least ten (10) years of relevant and equivalent level experience at the senior professional level in the implementation or management of projects and programmes, with increasing responsibilities in fundraising or marketing, working in one or more of the following:

• Large regional or international organizations
• National Health Institutions
• Non-Governmental Public Health or HIV organizations
• A non-profit charitable organization

Ideally, understanding of the following would be an asset:

• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Financial management and/or financing of private or public sector organizations
• Fluency in English is essential. Knowledge of Spanish and/or French and/or Dutch.

In addition, candidates must also possess specialized training and demonstrated characteristics in the following:

• Excellent analytical and communication skills
• Strong managerial and leadership skills
• Proven ability to conceptualize, innovate, plan and execute ideas, as well as to impart knowledge and teach skills
• Good, analytical, negotiating and advocacy skills
• Sensitivity to the human rights and health needs of marginalized populations.

Note: Applications should be sent to