Andrea Michelle Halley

Duties and Responsibilities

Andrea is a veteran employee PANCAP Coordinating Unit, CARICOM Secretariat whose role as Secretary to the Director of the PCU involves providing administrative support in maintaining the Director’s schedule, logistical issues and the information flow between the Office of the Director and other parties.

With great ability at multitasking, Andrea prepares and coordinates executive reports while liaising with the wide range of personalities within the PANCAP partnership.

This experienced employee goes beyond what is required to coordinate negotiations with donor organizations such as USAID, PEPFAR, Global Fund and AHF.

She is also significantly involved in building relationships with key PANCAP stakeholders through crafting reports and correspondences that seek to inform and strengthen relationships with pivotal stakeholders including Heads of Government.

Most days Andrea can be found working beyond normal business hours to plan and implement strategies to boost the capabilities of the Director of PANCAP and serve the overall efficiency of the PANCAP Coordinating Unit.

Nickosha DeNobrega

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Find and retrieve information from files in response to request from authorised users
  • Catalogue and code all books, documents, reports, CDs, DVDs, for easy storage and retrieval.
  • Retrieve/compile and distribute electronic and hard copies of documents
  • Upload PANCAP’s archival and other documentation onto PANCAP’s share-Drive
  • Provide administrative support when needed
  • Extract relevant articles from newspapers, and magazines/journals and file such clippings under subject headings

Sharon Khan-Persaud

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To provide logistical and administration support for PANCAP meetings
  • To maintain stock of office supplies for the PCU
  • To provide communicative support to CBMP annually for Regional Testing Day Initiative
  • To provide information to the partnership as necessary
  •  To provide administrative support to Senior Accountant