Have you used the PANCAP Regional Directory?  In December 2021, PANCAP launched a regional directory of HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services in all Caribbean countries to support linkage to care.  Users can access the guide from the PANCAP.org home page.

In addition to the inventory of services available in the Region, the directory includes a description of each service, location/address, telephone number, email address, key personnel and other contact information for each site.  The directory has also incorporated the Google Maps application, which allows users to view the precise location of the services and receive helpful directions to find the sites.

Dr Shanti Singh-Anthony, Coordinator, Knowledge Management, PANCAP Coordinating Unit, stated that the directory is another tool that will help to navigate persons to HIV services, particularly the mobile population.  She also highlighted that it is a valuable tool for clinical practitioners to network with their counterparts across the Region to ensure continuity of treatment for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) who travel.

“As the Region starts to recover from COVID-19, ensuring access to HIV services continues to be critical,” stated Dr Singh-Anthony, “I urge all regional stakeholders in the HIV response to take advantage of this helpful resource”.

Click here to start using the directory.