Knowledge management strategy for advancing the national health agenda in Dominica

Pan American Journal of Public Health
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The Ministry of Health and Environment (MoHE) of the Commonwealth of Dominica identified the need for a knowledge management strategy to advance the country’s national health agenda. The Pan American Health Organization and the MoHE conducted a rapid situation analysis of knowledge management in July 2015. The findings, analysis, and recommendations were developed jointly with a core team of the MoHE within the context of the strategic plan for health, “Investing in Health – Building a Safer Future.” The situation analysis described the overall status of the understanding and implementation of information and knowledge management activities, projects, products, and practices. The analysis also aimed to identify what critical knowledge is needed to support overall organizational goals and individual and team activities. The MoHE expects patient outcomes and quality of care to improve as a result of having a knowledge management strategy that boosts the Ministry’s efficiency and productivity.