HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in the Caribbean: Situational Analysis

Dec 2018
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The report provides a consolidated update on the status, developments, gaps and opportunities in policies, legislation, and practices in relation to HIV-related stigma and discrimination and the broader issues of human rights affecting key population groups in the Caribbean. The report also provides recommendations under the following four key areas: 1) Access to essential services, 2) Equality of PLHIV in public and private life, 3) Key Populations, and 4) Access to Justice.

The report was unanimously endorsed by the regional representatives who attended the “Regional Meeting for Advancing Recommendations for Addressing Gaps in the Human Rights Response under the Justice For All Programme” held on 30 – 31 October 2018. The meeting also noted that this status report can serve as a reference for the body of work which the region has executed on human rights.

Participants included representatives from the following: Ministries of Justice, Parliamentary Committees on Social Protection, Chief Medical Officers, CARICOM Secretariat, Faith Leaders, Civil Society, People Living with HIV, Key Populations including MSM, Sex workers, Trans and Youth, National AIDS Programme Managers, Members of the PSWG, The University Rights Advocacy Project (U-RAP), The Caribbean Court of Justice Jurist Project, and UN Partners and Parliamentarians for Global Action.