The Ashe Company, a civil society partner of Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL), launched a web drama series, “CHILL”, which aims to foster increased awareness of sexual and reproductive health among the Region’s youth.

“CHILL” focuses on a group of Jamaican millennials as they navigate sex, love and relationships. The realities of the HIV epidemic intrude on their lives and force the characters to face fears and uncomfortable truths in this fast-paced drama. In “CHILL”, reproductive and sexual health messages are interwoven into the storylines as the characters follow their passions and ambitions.

The 13-episode production was developed by The Ashe Company, which has a strong history of edutainment interventions. Ashe uses innovative and creative techniques to impart behaviour change strategies around social issues. These proven techniques are used to reach specific cohorts and populations of people with targeted messaging. The production aims to provide empowering and inspiring stories of courage from everyday people in communities affected by HIV.

The series premiered on The Ashe Company’s YouTube page (@theashecompany) in March, with new episodes uploaded each week at 6:00 PM Jamaica Time.

Watch the trailer for “CHILL” here.