PANCAP Knowledge Management Working Group (PKMWG)

PANCAP Member Information Assessment on Test and Start, emphasized the need for a regional knowledge management working group to assist PANCAP members to meet their information needs in relation to 90-90-90, Test and Start and other thematic areas.

PANCAP as the knowledge hub for the region recognizes the value of knowledge sharing and coordination in supporting its members to improve the HIV response at the regional and national levels. The PANCAP Knowledge Management Working Group (PKMWG) will serve as a regional mechanism in supporting PANCAP to effectively fulfill this mandate.

The PANCAP Knowledge Management Working Group (PKMWG) will work with PANCAP Members and Partners to enable them to receive the right knowledge at the right time so that they can use information to inform programming for achieving the 90-90-90 targets, implementing Test and Start and the region’s priorities. The PKMWG will encourage and support a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing across the region.

PANCAP Policy and Strategy Group on Stigma and Discrimination

The Policy and Strategy Working Group (PSWG) on Stigma and Discrimination is a thematic forum for:

• the discussion, coordination, and monitoring of initiatives among local and regional key partners; and
• the provision of advice and recommendations on HIV-related human rights actions in the Caribbean.

The PSWG functions as an external HIV-specialized advisory group for The Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV and AIDS (PANCAP). The group falls under the mandate of PANCAP and serves as a thematic forum and technical advisory group for PANCAP and national HIV programmes to advance Human Rights and support the elimination of stigma and discrimination in the Caribbean.

The Working Group is composed of experts from different national and regional entities and focuses on activities related to the achievement of Zero Discrimination Targets for the sub-region. The PSWG will support PANCAP’s mandate of accelerating the human rights agenda and reducing stigma and discrimination for the region.

PANCAP Advisory Group on Resource Mobilisation

The Advisory Group on Resource Mobilisation will:

• Ensure that the needs of the CRSF and resource gaps for the Strategic Priority Areas are identified.

• Ensure that an operational plan for the resource mobilisation strategy is developed.

• Review and provide feedback on PANCAP’s Advocacy Strategy that includes its value proposition and positioning statement for the private

• Support the identification of new funding sources and opportunities.

• Identify champions for soliciting support from national and regional entrepreneurs and determining incentives for their investments.

• Monitor the implementation of the operational plan for the resource mobilisation strategy.

The Advisory Group on Resource Mobilisation will meet virtually at least once a quarter, however, the frequency of meetings will be determined by the group. Decisions will be taken by consensus. The Advisory Group will be supported by the PCU which will facilitate the convening of meetings of the Group and recording the minutes of the meetings. The Advisory Group will report to the Priority Areas Coordinating Committee. Policy related matters will be brought to the attention of the Executive Board and the COHSOD and other governance bodies.