The PANCAP Coordinating Unit (PCU)

The PANCAP Coordinating Unit (PCU) services the Partnership. The PCU is located at the CARICOM Secretariat in Guyana, and complemented by the Secretariat’s operating departments, the PANCAP Coordinating Unit’s (PCU’s) internal structure comprises the following divisions: Policy AnalysisStrategy & ResourcingStrategic Information & Communications as well as Management, Finance and Administrative support services.

The PCU has three distinct roles: (i) as the Secretariat of PANCAP, (ii) as a Support Agency and (iii) as a Financing Agency.

1)      PANCAP Secretariat

The PCU supports and coordinates the Organs of PANCAP:  the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Regional Coordinating Mechanism (RCM), the Priority Areas Coordinating Committee (PACC) and any technical working group. In this regard, it

  1. provides technical, administrative and financial support to PANCAP meetings;
  2. provides support to the PACC in coordinating regional Priority Areas plans with agreed regional intervention indicators;
  3. collects and collates regional interventions indicators into a bi-annual regional performance programme report for consideration of the RCM and AGM;
  4. organizes through an independent agency, periodic external technical audits of the regional programme; and
  5. mobilizes resources on behalf of the PANCAP membership 

2)      Support Agency

 The PCU undertakes some regional interventions including being the repository of information on national and regional HIV and AIDS interventions. In this role, it facilitates the sharing of information and promising and best practices which facilitates enhanced coordination of PANCAP’s activities. The PCU is also an advocate in the Caribbean’s response to the epidemic. In its advocacy role, it promotes, among other things, a multi-sectoral response and an enabling environment to reverse the spread of HIV and AIDS. 

3)      Financing Agent

The PCU, in collaboration with the CARICOM Secretariat, is currently the fund holder for donor partners fund (e.g. the World Bank, Global Fund, and German Technical Cooperation GTZ). These funds are granted to regional support agencies to undertake agreed activities.