The Caribbean Health Research Council (CHRC) is the regional health institution mandated to promote and coordinate health research in the Caribbean.  The CHRC and its stakeholders have begun to develop a Health Research Agenda for the Caribbean. The crafting of the Agenda is guided by the latest edition of the Caribbean Cooperation in Health Initiative (CCH III). The latter defines the health priorities of the Caribbean and comprises eight programme areas.

One of the objectives of the Agenda is to guide the conduct of research so as to facilitate implementation - based on empirical evidence - of CCH III as well as other activities identified as priorities by Caribbean countries. The Agenda will therefore identify priority areas for research which, when undertaken, will provide results that can then guide the development of policies, programmes and best practices.

During the next year, the CHRC will continue to provide technical support to countries in:

  • M&E training;
  • research methodology and curriculum development;
  • improved management and implementation of M&E systems;
  • promotion of the regional research agenda; and
  • the award and oversight of grants for research.

The CHRC has also committed itself to develop mechanisms to assist countries in incorporating the results of operational research into policies and programmes.

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