In 2009 the PANCAP Coordinating Unit (PCU) commenced development of the Biennial Operational Plan (OP) which takes into account funding issues relating to countries. The Priorities’ Area Coordinating Committee (PACC) made the decision to identify and designate those agencies that are best positioned, based on their comparative advantage, to take on the lead in the various activities.

For Priority Area 6, the Caribbean Health Research Council (CHRC) is the designated lead. Activities to be undertaken over the period 2010 to 2011 that fall in line with the regional goods and services and include the provision of:

  • support to develop and implement national M&E plans, including technical and financial support, improved capacity to analyse data and use these in policy and programme development; multi-county studies; and
  • dissemination of research findings to inform national policy and programme development, including those related to best practices, the regional research agenda, improved databases and promoting and disseminating research.


Additionally, the PANCAP Coordinating Unit (PCU):

1)    has supported the PACC in the development of the PANCAP Biennial Operation Plan. In this context, PANCAP’s key regional support agencies have engaged in the harmonisation of activities and the identification of programmatic and funding gaps;

2)    will lead efforts to monitor and evaluate implementation of CRSF 2008 – 2012 and, as a result, ongoing efforts are being made to monitor and report on progress towards achieving the goals of the CRSF in various regional fora; and

3)    also commissions various studies to provide strategic information on the epidemic. The process to further analyse these studies has begun, in order to determine some priority areas for intervention, such as prevention, advocacy, stigma and discrimination, mitigation and policy, especially at the national level.