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Cuban HIV Program Presented in the U.S.A Thursday, 26 July 2012 10:02 Source: Prensa Latina

The results of the Cuban program of HIV / AIDS were presented in a forum held at the premises of the House of Representatives of the United States.

Jorge Perez Avila, director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine 'Pedro Kouri', and Maria Isela Lantero, head of HIV / AIDS program of the Ministry of Health of the island, explained the strategy implemented in the country, which has allowed to maintain low rates of prevalence of the disease, the lowest in the Caribbean.

Perez Avila explained that Cuban scientists work on the development of two vaccines for AIDS, although there are challenges to progress in the investigations, because "many reagents are in US headquarters and we can not get them".

Lantero said that the nation eliminated mother to child transmission (MTCT) of HIV, while the transmission through blood is under control.

She detailed the multisectoral program for prevention and control of the infection, and highlighted the role of social media, activists and health workers.

She said that antiretroviral therapy is guaranteed to all who need it and highlighted the cooperation received from international organizations to strengthen the national plan, in particular from the Global Fund to Fight HIV / AIDS.

At the meeting organized by the California Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee, was Jorge Bolanos, head of the Cuba Interests Section in Washington.

Both, Lantero and Perez Avila participate in the XIX International AIDS Conference being held in this capital since last Sunday, with the presence of some 25 000 delegates.